Sanar IMAR - Healing Arts of Barra de Navidad

 Awareness and Sensing

 When we reach a state of stillness and allow our minds to release their concerns, the whole organism begins to feel what exists at the moment.  This ability to live in the present helps us to feel who we are.  There are many habits that we learned in our childhood that now do not serve us.  We are reacting to situations instead of feeling them in the moment and responding appropriately.  

This is a discipline in which we give attention to the feelings that come naturally to our consciousness. This practice has been named "Active Zen" because it is like active meditation. Sometimes we sit in stillness, and sometimes we run and jump, and sometimes simply offer our hand to another person or lift a leg off the floor.  

It is the experience of each event that tells us who we are. Therefore, we say that we are experiencing instead of doing exercises. When we begin to know ourselves through experiences that occur naturally, we begin to have confidence in ourselves and in life. For more information go to

This work of developing the consciousness is the foundation of a good massage, in that we are fully present to the person receiving, feeling their needs.  We treat the person with sensitivity.


- Last 1 to 2 hours.

Classes may be taken individually apart from the Massage Program. 

- Awareness and Sensing are part of Massage Program as the intention is to be more conscious of ourselves as well as the needs of each individual. 

- A 3-day intensive workshop is part of the requirements for a degree in Massage Training.  






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