Sanar IMAR - Healing Arts of Barra de Navidad


 Traditionally, massage offers relief from stress and pain and also provides several physical benefits. We recognize the need to expand the base of traditional massage to a more holistic approach. When we touch, it affects more than just the body. The whole person experiences the communication of trust, empathy and respect as wel as attention to the function of the organism.



Art of Massage

       Level 1 - Introduction to the basics, touching with consciousness

  • Level 2 - Professional Massage, The body from the waist up, Details
  • Level 3 - professional massage, the body from the waist down, Details
  • Level 4 - Professional Massage, integrating all approaches to a holistic treatment, review



 Psychology of the Body 


 Must comply with all the classes mentioned above and also the following: 

 15 hours of Qigong 

 20 hours of Awareness and Sensing







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