Healing Arts of Barra de Navidad


               We just had a wonderful Sensory Awareness class here in Barra de Navidad from the 12th to the 19th of December.  Mindfulness in Action.  Denise Gabriel, a leader of the work, brought 11 students from the University of North Carolina Greensboro on a study abroad program. Not only was the class a great success, but it's location offered the students a wonderful opportunity to interact with the local people. The atmosphere is open and warm lending itself to a safe inviting place for the students to explore themselves. I was honored to be able to host and assist in such an event.

               Also of importance was how they interfaced with the town. One of the students gave a theatrical performance in the town square to benefit a local school for Special Needs Children. And some of those children also performed. It was a marvelous beginning of what I hope to be a continuing relationship.

                It is also very exciting to see Sensory Awareness in the University curriculum. After the study week ended Denise stayed in Barra for a few days and we discussed plans for the schedule in December of 2014. We certainly intend to continue this here in Barra de Navidad. 


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